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Employment and Social Insurance

We are devotedly committed to the implementation of the best market practice ensuring your company’s and employees’ rights are exercised and taken care of. We cover all the needed aspects of employment and social insurance with the detailed programs and agreements of each.

We remain on top of the employments law changes that are critical to the relationship and credibility of both employers and employee ensuring both parties are aware of their obligations, which if not abided by, could result in costly disputes and time consuming cases.

We offer you legal advice on matters such as:

  • Employment contracts, their breach, confidentiality, restrictive pledges, and termination
  • Internal policies including but not limited to health and safety regulations, working hours, and leaves
  • Social and medical insurance
  • Immigration procedures and their relevant advice
  • Handling the issuance, transference, purchase, and sale of rewarding and motivating shares including development and negotiation of contracts
  • Taxes and insurance
  • Negotiations, settlements, and dispute resolutions for employment cases

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